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Trapped Chest
Trapped Chest
A Trapped Chest


Entity Block






Yes (64)

First Appearance

Update 0.13.0

Trapped Chests are Redstone-related Blocks that were added in Update 0.13.0. They are similar to Chests, as they can be used for storage, but send out a Redstone signal when opened.



Trapped chests can be used as Containers for storing Items, but are mainly used as Redstone components.

When opened, it generates a signal as strong as the number of Players accessing the chest (maximum 15); when hooked to other Redstone contraptions, it can trigger events and thus create traps, griefing tools, and other useful events.


  • Before Update 0.14.0, Trapped Chests could not be made into double chests.
  • Unlike many other Redstone devices, Trapped Chests will not provide a signal to a Redstone Comparator unless it has items in it.
  • The difference between the textures of the Trapped Chest and Chest is that the rectangle around the buckle is slightly redder in Trapped Chests.
  • Trapped Chests and ordinary Chests can be placed next to each other without being transformed into double chests.
  • Trapped Chests may sometimes spawn inside Desert Temples containing valuable loot.
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