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150px-Minecraft Tree
An Oak Tree


Generated Structure


Biomes in the Overworld, excluding deserts

First Appearance


A Tree is a naturally Generated Structure that consists of a type of Wood and the corresponding Leaves.


Trees are one of the most essential structures in Minecraft Pocket Edition as they are one of the only major sources of Wood, which is an important building and crafting material. They are also exclusive sources of Leaves.


The current types of trees in Minecraft PE are:



Trees can be grown through Saplings obtained by breaking the Leaves of a Tree without using Shears or a Silk Touch Enchanted tool, or by waiting for the Leaves of a Tree whose trunk is cut down to decay. The Saplings can then be planted on Dirt or Grass Blocks, where they will grow into Trees if there is enough light and space. This process can be sped up using Bone Meal.

Three types of Trees, Dark Oak, Jungle and Spruce, can be grown into larger version if the corresponding saplings are planted in a 2x2 square. 


Trees can naturally generate in almost any Biome (except for Deserts), as long as there is Grass or Dirt and a lush climate. 

  • Oak can generate in Plains, Swamps, Forests, Extreme Hills, and Mesas (F Variant). 
  • Birch can generate in Birch Wood Forests and normal Forests. 
  • Spruce can generate in Taiga, Mega Taiga, Extreme Hills, and Snow Biomes. 
  • Jungle can only generate in Jungles. 
  • Acacia can only generate in the Savannah. 
  • Dark Oak can only generate in Roofed Forests.


  • Version Exclusive: Since Update 0.9.0, Trees can sometimes generate as Fallen Trees where the Tree's trunk is lying on its side and covered in Vines and/or Mushrooms. They can also generate as "dying trees," which are characterized by Vines covering their trunk.
  • Dark Oak trees cannot be grown using a single Sapling. It can only be grown using 4 Saplings in a 2x2 square configuration.
  • If the Player has cut all of a Tree's Wood, the Leaves will slowly decay and have a chance to drop items such as Saplings and Apples. However, those items won't be dropped by Leaves that are obtained by Shears or Silk Touch Enchanted tools.
  • In the lite version of Minecraft PE, Oak Trees generated with Spruce Wood. This was because of a software glitch that occurred with Oak Trees in that version when they generated with Oak Wood.
  • Before Update 0.9.0, there was a Version Exclusive type of Tree called the Colden-Oak, which was an Oak Tree with Spruce Leaves that could rarely generate in Snowy biomes because of a glitch with the Tree generation.
    • The Tree was ungrowable and has since been removed from Minecraft PE, though the Player can recreate one using Wood and Leaf blocks.
  • All Trees can be planted in every biome, even though it can only be found naturally in some biomes.
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