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Tripwire Hook
Tripwire Hook
Tripwire Hook


Non-solid Block






Yes (64)



First Appearance

Update 0.13.0

Tripwire Hooks are non-solid Blocks that were added in Update 0.13.0. They can be used to detect entities that pass through them when part of a tripwire circuit.


Tripwire hooks can be obtained by Crafting, or as a junk item through the process of Fishing.



Tripwire Hooks can be placed on any opaque block and must be connected to another Tripwire Hook through Tripwire (String that is placed on the ground). When any entity walks through the Tripwire, the Tripwire Hook will trigger a Redstone signal. This can be useful to make traps. 


  • Tripwire itself will generate no Redstone signal, it must be connected to a hook to do so.
  • Walking through or directly under the Tripwire Hook will not generate a Redstone signal.
  • After Update 0.15.0, Tripwire Hooks generate naturally in Jungle Temples.
  • Two Tripwire Hooks can be up to 40 blocks apart when attached.
  • Tripwire Hooks have 3 animations: un-attached, attached, and activated.
  • Tripwire Hooks can be used as a decorative element to illustrate water faucets.
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