Cobblestone Generator
CobblestoneGenerator model1
A Basic Generator


Player-Made structure

A Cobblestone Generator is a contraption used to, hypothetically, create an infinite amount of Cobblestone Blocks. There are many methods of creating Cobblestone Generators, and the most common one is used with Water and Lava.


To create a Cobblestone Generator, the Player must follow these steps:

  • First, he/she must surround a 4x1 area with any non-flammable Block.
  • Next, he/she must place Water on one end of the area and block it with an non-flammable block off after allowing it to flow for 1 block
  • Then, he/she must place Lava on the other end of the area which has been blocked off
  • Finally, he/she must break the non-flammable Block which is blocking off the Lava from the Water. This will allow the Water and Lava to mix and create Cobblestone.


  • Cobblestone Generators can be extremely handy on Skyblocks, where both Cobblestone and Stone are scarce resources.
  • There can be some issues with Cobblestone Generators:
    • On Old Worlds, Lava is very rare and it may not be possible to obtain it.
    • If the Cobblestone is mined too quickly, the generator may break and may accidentally create Obsidian.