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Update 0.9.0 was an update for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was a mainly survival-oriented update and provided Pocket Edition with a bunch of new and exciting additions. It was the biggest update in Pocket Edition history.


New Biomes[1]

  • Jungle
  • Roofed Forest
  • Mesa
  • Savannas
  • Taiga/Mega Spruce Taiga
  • Mushroom Island


Previous updates

Pre-Release | 0.1.0 |
0.1.1 | 0.1.2 | 0.1.3 |
0.2.0 | 0.2.1 | 0.2.2 |
0.3.0 | 0.3.1 | 0.3.2 |
0.3.3 | 0.4.0 | 0.4.2 |
0.5.0 | 0.6.0 | 0.6.1 |
0.7.0 | 0.7.1 | 0.7.2 |
0.7.3 | 0.7.4 | 0.7.5 |
0.7.6 | 0.8.0 | 0.8.1 |
0.8.2 | 0.9.0 | 0.9.1 |
0.9.2 | 0.9.3 | 0.9.4 |

Upcoming updates


V · T · E

  • River
  • The Far Biome (0.9.x)

Generated Structures



  • Villagers
    • Have degraded AI which means they cannot trade or open/close doors nor breed yet.
  • Mooshrooms



New Blocks

Creative Inventory Additions

Items from past updates that will be added to the creative menu in update 0.9.0.





  • Cocoa (can be farmed by planting on Jungle Wood)
  • Spawn eggs in Creative (for all mobs)
  • Cookie

Naturally Generated Blocks


Technical Changes

  • Updated inventory and crafting screen, and stonecutter screen.

Crafting Menu in 0.9.0

  • Invisible Bedrock gets removed If world is changed to Infinite
  • New textures for the tops and bottoms of birch, spruce and jungle wood
  • Biome-tinted Grass
  • Spiders are spawned by leaves, created a higher spawning rate of spiders in forests at night.

World Generation

Option to select world type

  • Default
  • Superflat
  • Option to imput the world's seed

Ability to pick world sizes

All Confirmed

  • Old (same as current size)
    Grass shading

    Biome-Tinted Grass

  • Infinite
  • Superflat


  • New ways to obtain Nether-related items such as Mineshafts, Dungeons and Strongholds.
  • Gravel no longer falls from spawn
  • Beds will no longer restore health

Build 1

In a recent stream that was released of 0.9.0 build 1, we see that cave generation is basically complete. Also, there are several new blocks and features like flowers and diorite. A few bugs are that trees can generate over water, and that the world starts with the player being one heart short of full health. The stream is here.


Minecraft PE 0.908:47

Minecraft PE 0.9.0 Update Features! (Mobs, Biomes, Bugs and more!)

BlockTalk Ep.9 - MCPE 0.935:41

BlockTalk Ep.9 - MCPE 0.9.0 Dev Q&A w Johan Bernhardsson & Tommaso Checchi

0.9.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival Let's Play w Ace Ep18:33

0.9.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival Let's Play w Ace Ep.3 - Dungeons & Spiders! Beta-0


  • When is the update?

It was released July 10th.

  • How can I get Beta on iOS?

You can't, Beta is only for Android

  • Does beta work on Kindle?


  • Is (Insert here) Going to be in the update?

If it's not on the page, no.

  • Can I edit the page?

Ask an admin. Don't just comment here.


No, we are not Mojang, we are a fan site, therefore we do not dictate what goes in the game.

  • Are you sure we are getting Andesite?

If it's on the page, it's probably guaranteed, it will have a citation)

  • What Biomes are we getting Exactly?

The ones on the page at least.

  • Why Mojang! I wanted Ravines!

We can't change what was in the update, nor what will be added when. There is next to nothing the community can do on what will be added.

  • Can I be an Admin?!?!?!?

This isn't a question for here, go ask Dblcut3

  • Θέλω την ενημέρωση τόσο άσχημα!

We don't speak Greek, or Italian, or any other languages for this matter. This is an English wiki, please speak English or use a translator.

  • Do you know about this glitch in the 0.9.0 beta?

You are a BETA TESTER! It's your job to tell Mojang about the Glitches you find, go Here to tell them:

  • I thought Mojang fixed all the bugs in 0.9.0!

Again, it's your job to test it, not all the bugs are fixed.

  • How do I fix my sink?

This is a page for Update 0.9.0, please only ask questions about update 0.9.0. We don't specifically want to help you fix you sink or repair your brakes or find out how to get cookie clickers on your iPad, so please only ask about Update 0.9.0.

  • There's a question here that wasn't answered!

Then you can still ask, FAQ doesn't forbid you from asking, just make sure to check here first.

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