• Starlight45Oreos

    Update Aquatic

    February 22, 2018 by Starlight45Oreos

    So the wiki is finally moving around again. Just one Tweet got us moving. I decided to make a blog about my opinions on the new features because this update will change the game forever.

    These mobs are amazing. They are well coded in the current snapshot, and found no bugs. Super excited for these.

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    • MagmaMusen:

    At Minecon Earth, I would’ve voted for Mob C because it was interesting. I had the same opinions as StacyPlays, and we wanted the sand texture. Instead of Mob C we got this strange bat like mob that can’t handle its own skills of flight. It flies into a cave then has no idea where it is. Mojang, fix this thing.

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    • StacyPlays:
    • AntVeno…

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    Minecraft Logic

    February 9, 2018 by Starlight45Oreos

    First of all, Minecraft isn’t meant to be realistic. This blog was made for fun.

    1) Trees can’t fall when a log is broken, you just find trees lying on its side.

    2)The Abanded Mineshaft has wooden planks and fences to avoid cave ins, but that’s not in the game.

    3)Every Mob is very strong. A player can hold many enchanted golden apples (8 golden blocks) and ride a mule/donkey when their chest is full of en. golden apples. They don’t even slow down.

    4)Skeletons shoot infinite arrows, but only drop 0-2 arrows.

    5)A wolf needs bones to be tamed, but they chase and kill skeletons, but aren’t tamed

    6)The only mob to drop bones are skeletons meaning every other mob doesn’t have a skeleton (This one is obviously a joke)

    7)(JAVA USERS ONLY)Infinte worlds h…

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  • Starlight45Oreos

    I am a new user here. It may seem weird for me to say that I have been reading this wiki since Update 11.0, but I know this wiki's history (kinda). I know who User:Darthwikia25 is. Unfortunately he is gone. Wanting a Fandom account was a big thing for me, and I even tried creating one when I was younger before reading the rules.

    Social Media

    Xbox: Starlight93611 (This may seem familiar as I met some users in wikicraft. It is also gone.)

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