Hey guys, another top 5 here. This one is a special edition, as it is my 1 year anniversary of liking Doctor Who. I will have 3 top 5's.

Top 5 Best Doctor Who Companions

5. Rose Tyler. She would have ended up higher if she had more humor, but Rose is good because she was the first "New Who" companion.

4. Clara Oswald. She is the longest running companion, and Jenna Coleman does an excellent job. Her intro episode is one of my least favorites, but she at least got #4.

3. Martha Jones. Martha is unique in multiple ways on this list. She has saved earth multiple times(without help from the Doctor) and lived to tell the tale, and her actress, Freema Agyeman, actually appeared 3 episodes earlier. As I mentioned, she saved the world, putting her at #3.

2. Amy Pond. She is notable for being the mother of River Song, and I guess I've seen her most because I'm an Eleventh Doctor person. She got married with(and then divorced) Rory Williams. She is also the companion I use for my fan fictions. If you are a hardcore Guardians Of The Galaxy fan, you might now her as Nebula(Both played by Karen Gillian). She got #2 because with her, Doctor Who did something that it never attempted before(Introducing a new Doctor and companion at the same time).

1. Donna Noble. My favorite companion on this list, Donna is funny and is also the most important woman in creation(she saved the universe). Nuff said.

Top 5 Doctor Who Monsters

5. Silurian. They are reptiles from underground, and are pretty bad a--, if you ask any stable person.

4. Teselecta. A giant robot with a shrink ray. There are "Antibodies" which kill people on sight.

3. Silent. The only Doctor Who monster that makes me scream, they look sort of like the guy in Edvard Munch's painting, The Scream. They shoot electricity, and are pretty darn scary.

2. The Master. He is a renegade time lord(The Doctor's species) and the Doctor's best friend. He has tried to conquer earth many times.

1. Daleks. The original Doctor Who Villain, they are killer machines that say Exterminate! They should get #1.

Top 5 Doctor Who Fanfiction ideas

  1. 5. UNIT. This would have Kate Stewart, Martha Jones, and Mickey Smith. Just your general army show, but with aliens.
  1. 4. Papal Mainframe. This would involve the lives of papal mainframe soldiers.

Probably not going to happen, though.

  1. 3. Paternoster Gang. This was going to be in production, and was to involve Vastra, Jenny, and Strax as they solve mysteries and kick butt.
  1. 2. The Ghost. This would be the BBC's superhero show, with the superhero named the Ghost. He's basically Superman. There would be alien villains, of course.
  1. 1. Unnamed 1930's detective show. This would have Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and Possibly River Song.


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