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Water Bucket
Water Bucket









First Appearance

Update 0.7.0

Water Buckets are items that are made by tapping Water with a Bucket. They carry a Water source Block, which can be placed.


Water Buckets are used to transport Water. They can also be used to put out Fires, and generate Cobblestone or Obsidian when placed directly next to Lava dependent on which Liquid touches the other first.

Water Buckets can be placed in a Dispenser, which when combined with a Button or Redstone pulse can generate a controllable Water flow.

Water Buckets can be used to create a waterfall usable for the Player to descend from large heights. Two alternative methods to do this are firstly to place and pickup the Water reasonably fast and just follow the water to the bottom, and the second method is to jump out and then place the Water just before you hit the ground. The first is probably the most reliable.


  • A Water Bucket cannot be placed by itself, but the Water in it can be placed.
  • Once placed on a Block, the Bucket becomes empty and can be filled with any other Liquid.
  • Only Water source Blocks can be collected.
  • A full Water Bucket can be emptied by tapping on a Water source Block.
  • Since Water Buckets aren't stackable, it is hard to transport large quantities of Water. But if the Player carries two Buckets, the Player can create an infinite Water source by placing them in the corners of a 2x2 square, or at end of a 1x3 trench. The Player can collect the Water in the other corners of the former, or in the middle of the latter. 
  • When mining directly above Lava, the mined Blocks might fall into the Lava and disappear. However, if the Player places Water and mines in the Water flow, the Water will change the Lava to Obsidian before the Blocks disappear. 


Water (Water Bucket) • Lava (Lava Bucket) • Milk

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