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Wheat is one of the six crops in Minecraft PE, the others being MelonsPumpkinsCarrotsPotatoes and Beetroot. Wheat only grows on tilled ground. To create tilled ground use a Hoe on a block of Dirt. Then it will look like the Farmland BlockWheat Seeds can be obtained by tilling Dirt as there is a chance that some seeds will pop out of the ground or destroying tall grass/ Double tall grass. Wheat seeds will grow faster if the tilled ground that they are on is in close proximity to water. Wheat can then be harvested if they are greeny-yellow in color. Anything can be used to harvest wheat, which can then be turned into Bread, Cake, or a Hay Bale. A fully grown wheat crop can drop anywhere from 1-2 wheat and 0-3 seeds.

As hunger is not available in the Pocket Edition Version, wheat isn't as valued for eating and preventing health loss. It can however, be used to attract and breed mobs like the Sheep and the Cow


3 Wheat will craft bread. 9 wheat will craft a hay bale.
Wheat setup

A typical wheat setup Note the water in the middle.

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