Woodland Mansion
290px-Woodland Mansion


Generated Structure


Roofed Forest Biome

First Appearance

Update 1.1

A Woodland Mansion is a Generated Structure which was added in Update 1.1.


The Woodland Mansion spawns exclusively in the Roofed Forest Biome.



The exterior structure of a Woodland Mansion varies, however it is always generated with 2-3 floors and a Cobblestone foundation beneath it.


The interior of the Woodland Mansion generates randomly and may vary in structure from each mansion to the next. Generally the interior consists of a large foyer and many generated rooms containing various blocks and items. Evokers and Vindicators spawn in certain rooms.


Loot in Woodland Mansions spawn under three different groups. The distribution is as follows.

Item Weight Chance Count
Group 1 count: 1-3
Name Tag Name Tag 20/127 29.0% 1
Golden Apple Golden Apple 15/127 22.2% 1
Diamond hoe Diamond Hoe 15/127 22.2% 1
Enchanted Book Enchanted Books 10/127 15.1% 1
Chain chestplate Chain Chestplate 10/127 15.1% 1
Diamond Chestplate Icon Diamond Chestplate 5/127 7.7% 1
Enchanted Apple Enchanted Apple 5/127 3.1% 1
Group 2 count: 1-4
Wheat Wheat 20/125 35.3% 1-4
Bread Bread 20/125 35.3% 1
Coal Coal 15/125 27.4% 1-4
Redstone (Dust) Redstone 15/125 27.4% 1-4
Beetroot Seeds Beetroot Seeds 10/125 18.8% 2-4
Melonseeds Melon Seeds 10/125 18.8% 2-4
Pumpkinseeds Pumpkin Seeds 10/125 18.8% 2-4
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 10/125 18.8% 1-4
Bucket Bucket 10/125 18.8% 1
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot 5/125 9.7% 1-4
Group 3 count: 1-8
Bone Bone 10/40 57.8% 1-8
Gunpowder Gunpowder 10/40 57.8% 1-8
Rotten Flesh Rotten Flesh 10/40 57.8% 1-8
String String 10/40 57.8% 1-8


  • A Woodland Mansion is the only place where Evokers and Vindicators spawn naturally. Once killed, the Evokers and Vindicators won't spawn again.
  • The Totem of Undying can only be found in Woodland Mansions, since only Evokers drop them.
  • Some rooms are hidden and require mining through walls.
  • Before Update 1.2, Banners would not spawn in Woodland Mansions and the floors were made of Birch Planks instead of Oak.
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