World Types is an option for World Generation. It is available in the Advanced Options menu. It allows the Player to create specific type of world. Currently, there are three World Types—Infinite, Old and Flat.

Current World Types

Type Description Image


Exclusive World Type for Pocket Edition. It has a finite area of 256x256 Blocks with an Invisible Bedrock Barrier around it. Generated Structures may appear, however, only very rarely.
Screenshot 2014-07-04-15-03-46
Infinite This type is like Old, except it does not have the Invisible Bedrock barrier. In single-core devices it will cause lags. Anomalies like Far Lands and Stripe Lands are common here. Generated structures can be found here, as well as more types of Biomes.
Infinite World
Superflat World

This World Type is completely Flat. Gamemode in this type is locked to Creative, because there is nothing in this world type to survive except Mobs, which can still spawn. However, the Player can switch to Survival Mode later.

There are no generated structures here.

Fiat World


  • The Infinite World isn't really infinite, but it is larger than Earth (it's seven times bigger).