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A Zombie



First Appearance



HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHalf heart


Feathers, Carrots, Potatoes, Rotten Flesh (In 0.11.0)


Light Level -7



Zombies are hostile mobs, and the first of the kind implemented in Minecraft Pocket Edition. They drop 0-2 Feathers, 0-1 Carrots, 0-1 Potatoes, and 0-2 Rotten Flesh if they are killed, and usually spawn in groups of six. They also burn in sunlight, taking fire damage every second.


Zombies can detect the player from 40 blocks away. They will slowly pursue the player, and will attack him/her by swinging their arms. If they are on fire, they can also set the player on fire. Zombies deal more damage when their health is low.

Zombies can rarely spawn with armor and/or a weapon, making them stronger. They also have a chance of spawning more zombies around them when killed. If the player sets the difficulty on hard, zombies will be able to break down wooden doors.


Zombies will pursue and try to kill any villagers in a 40 block radius. If a zombie kills a villager in hard difficulty, the villager will turn into a Zombie Villager.


Zombies are easy to kill with a sword, preferably stone or above. A Bow can also be used when fighting large groups of zombies.

Baby Zombies

Baby Zombies are variants of Zombies that have a 5% chance to spawn in place of any regular zombie. They run faster than the player, and do not burn in sunlight.

Baby Zombies have a chance of spawning on Chickens as a Chicken Jockey.


  • After fire was removed in 0.3.0 due to bugs, they emitted smoke and received damage until they died.
    • However, since fire was added back, both Skeletons and Zombies burn in daylight.
  • Zombies have a small chance to drop the item/armor they have equipped.
  • Zombies will not burn when standing in shade or in water.
  • Zombies have the same face as the player's default skin, except recolored green and black.
  • In MCPE Lite, Zombies are presently the only hostile mobs.
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