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A Zombie





Attack Damage

HeartHalf heart


0-2 (+Loot level) Rotten Flesh, 0-1 Carrot, 0-1 Potato, 0-1 Iron Ingot, 0-1 Armor Pieces, 0-1 Iron Showel, 0-1 Iron Sword

First Appearance

Update 0.2.0


A Baby Zombie

Zombies are undead Hostile Mobs that were added in Update 0.2.0.


Zombies spawn at Light Level 7 or lower, usually in groups of three. In Deserts, they have a 80% (4/5th) chance to spawn as a Husk.


Zombies have a chance of spawning with Armor and/or Tools/Weapons. This makes them stronger, and if they have a Helmet, they will not burn in sunlight. Zombies also have a chance to spawn with Diamond armor; however, this is extremely rare.

Baby Zombies

Baby Zombies are variants of Zombies that have a 5% chance to spawn in place of any regular Zombie. They run faster than the Player, and do not burn in sunlight, which makes them more deadly.


Zombies will pursue any Players within a 40-Block radius and will attack by swinging their arms at their target. The damage they do is inversely proportionate to their health, and will set Players on Fire if they themselves are on Fire. On Hard mode, Zombies are able to break down Wooden Doors.


Zombies will pursue and try to kill any Villagers within a 40 block radius. If a Zombie kills a Villager while on Hard mode, the Villager will always turn into a Zombie Villager. On lower modes of difficulty the chance is lower.


Baby Zombies have a 15% chance of spawning as a Jockey on either a regular Zombie, a Spider, a Chicken, a Cow, an angry Wolf, a Pig, a Sheep, or an Ocelot.


Zombies are easy to kill with a Sword, preferably Stone or above. A Bow and Arrow can also be used when fighting large groups of Zombies. It is also effective to use Splash Potions of Healing to kill large, clustered groups.


  • After Fire was removed in Update 0.3.0 due to bugs, Zombies emitted smoke and received damage until they died.
    • However, since Fire was added again, both Skeletons and Zombies now visually burn in sunlight.
  • Zombies will not burn when standing in shade or in Water and will seek protection from the Sun.
  • Zombies were the first Hostile Mob added to MCPE.
    • In MCPE Lite, Zombies are still the only Hostile Mob.
  • Zombies have the same face as the Player's default Skin (Steve), except recolored green and black.
  • Before Update 0.11.0, Zombies dropped Feathers instead of Rotten Flesh.
  • If a Zombie wears any helmet, it will not burn in sunlight. However, the Helmet will constantly decrease in durability and will eventually break; afterwards, the Zombie will burn.
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