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Health Points



2 hearts


Light level of 7 or less, anywhere but slabs (half blocks) or transparent blocks(like all mobs).


First Appearance


Zombies are the first hostile mobs implemented into Minecraft PE, and all versions. They are a melee mob that drop 0-1 Feathers, 0-1 Carrots, and 0-1 Potatoes if they are killed. Zombies usually spawn in groups of about six. They burn in sunlight. The zombie's hearts stand at 10 hearts, which is 20 hits with bare hands. With the sword it takes 2-3 hits to kill the mob. The axe takes three hits and the pickaxe takes six. Walking behind tall grass while one or more is chasing you will cause them to lose sight of you. Zombies are also the most common hostile mob in Minecraft.


They attack the player by hitting them with their outstretched arms. (added in version 0.3.0) Their arms will go slightly up when they attack you. (added in version 0.8.0)


Zombies are easy to kill with a sword, preferably stone and above. They will jump backward if you hurt them (same for all mobs), making it easy to escape. Battling zombies is not as complicated as it should be. They will also go straight towards the player without avoiding anything, making them very vulnerable to fall in a pit.


  • In 0.2.0 zombies burned in the sunlight and would catch on fire. In 0.3.0 fire was removed because it would spread and destroy the world, after fire was removed they emitted smoke & just got hurt until they died, but since fire was added back Skeletons and Zombies burn in daylight.
  • Zombies can still attack even when they are being burned in the sunlight.
  • Zombies, along with Skeletons, do not burn if they are in water or in a shadow, because when the zombie or skeleton catches on fire, the water immediately puts it out and the same happens when the zombie/skeleton is in the shade.
  • Zombies have the same face as your default skin, except painted green and black.
  • They can attack behind closed doors.
  • Zombies can not break doors, unlike the PC version, but they can hurt you if you are very close to the door.
  • The sounds that the zombies make are the original sounds and do not have alternate pitches with them.
  • In other versions of Minecraft, Zombies will drop Rotten Flesh, and sometimes, armor or swords.
  • In other versions, Zombies will sometimes wear armor or hold swords.
  • In 0.9.0, zombies will have an increased AI, to match that of PC.
  • It can increase health by killing some villagers in 0.9.0.
  • As of 0.9.0, Zombies have a low chance of spawning more zombies when attacked.
  • Zombies do more damage the less health they have.
  • In MC PE Lite, zombies are the only hostile mob to date.
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