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Zombie Pigman
150px-Zombie Pigman
Zombie Pigmen






  • Easy:HeartHeartHalf heart
  • Normal:HeartHeartHeartHeart
  • Hard:HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart


In the Nether


Zombie Pigmen are Neutral Mobs which were implemented in Update 0.5.0. They spawn in the Nether.


Zombie Pigmen wield a Gold Sword that can deal about 2 1/2 hearts (HeartHeartHalf heart) of damage per hit. They are also faster than other mobs, making them superior to most other hostile mobs. They can sometimes spawn with Armor.

Zombie Pigmen are pack mobs, meaning if one is attacked, all others in the area will also attack the player.


It is best to fight with zombie pigmen using a Bow, though an Iron Sword or a Diamond Sword will also suffice.

Flint and Steel and Lava are not effective as they are immune to fire like all Nether mobs.

Baby Variant

Baby Zombie Pigmen were added in Update 0.11.0. They have a slight chance to spawn on a Chicken. They are much faster and can fit through smaller places.


  • In Update 0.13.2, there was a bug that prevents Zombie Pigmen's second skin HAT layer from showing.
  • Before Update 0.12.1, Zombie Pigmen were naturally hostile.
  • Before Update 0.12.1, Zombie Pigmen used to spawn from the Nether Reactor.
  • Till Update 0.11.0, Zombie Pigmen didn't have a HAT layer and appeared to burn in sunlight.
  • Since Update 0.12.1, Zombie Pigmen have a chance to appear with an Enchanted Gold Sword.
  • Like Zombies, they can break down doors on Hard Difficulty.
  • If a Pig is struck by lightning, it will turn into a Zombie Pigman.
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