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Zombie Pigman
150px-Zombie Pigman
Zombie Pigmen Texture as of 0.11.0






HeartHeartHalf heart


From the Nether Reactor


Zombie Pigmen are hostile mobs which were implemented in 0.5.0. They currently only spawn from the Nether Reactor in waves of 2-3. However they will spawn naturally in the Nether after Update 0.12.0.


Zombie Pigmen wield a Gold Sword that can deal about 2 1/2 hearts of damage per hit. They are slightly faster than the other hostile mobs, making them superior to all Mobs except Creepers.

Zombie Pigmen are pack mobs, meaning if one is attacked, all others will also attack the player.


It is best to fight with zombie pigmen using a Bow, though an Iron Sword or a Diamond Sword will also suffice.

Flint and Steel and Lava are not effective as they are immune to fire.

Baby Variant

Added in 0.11.0, Baby Zombie Pigmen made their debut. They are faster and can fit in smaller spaces.


  • Zombie Pigmen drop Gold Ingots and Feathers, unlike other versions of Minecraft, in which Zombie Pigmen drop Gold Nuggets and Rotten Flesh. This is what the developers intended.
  • Zombie Pigmen are always hostile to you like normal zombies, unlike other versions in which they only become hostile when attacked.
  • On the occasion, Zombie Pigmen drop carrots and potatoes.
  • They are to be immune to fire.
  • Baby Zombie Pigmen were added by the 0.11.0. This Includes Baby Zombie Pigman Chicken Jockeys.
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